Paving the road to passive income

Join, submit API keys and profit while your crypto is staying in your Binance wallet. We aim to provide Valari’s users with a stable passive income via our AI backed trading software. Join now

How it works

"Valari is trading for you"

In normal market conditions the software (fully autonomously) finds suitable currency pairs and makes several scalping trades daily.
Oversold BUY point is acquired.
Desired profit is dynamically calculated.
(based on current conditions)
Order successfully filled.
*actual (historical) trading charts from the software , pair: NEO/ETH


…when the market drops, the trade is “stuck”

The price needs to recover to the same value and even higher in order to sell at a profit. That results in a lot of time spent waiting for price recovery.

Valari’s “crash management system” lowers the take profit price, thus drastically reducing the wait time.

Note: Valari cleared the trade on 28.08.2018 (in chart) The regular take profit level is still not reached
*actual (historical) trading chart from the software

"Our boomerang always returns"

With the method we have developed to handle significant market drops, we ensure returns on your crypto assets. Each normal trade uses one segment in ETH quantity. In case of a market crash, we use more segments of the ETH to buy the currency in question, thus averaging the price and lowering the Take Profit price.
*actual (historical) trading chart from the software


ETH qty Fee in %
2 50
>5 45
>10 40
>15 35
>20 30
>30 25
>50 20
>75 15
>100 12.5
>150 10
>500 7.5
>1000 5
>1500 2.5

ETH qty. refers to the ETH amount you have in your Binance account.

Fee in % refers to the percentage of the profit that we will be requesting from our users. More ETH – less fees.

2 ETH is the minimum quantity of ETH you need to have in your Binance account in order to be eligible for Valari’s service.

Fees are collected in advance in the form of Credit. When the credit runs out (as Valari generates profit) you will be required to refill your credit.

* Custom systems are subject to different fees.

"Getting started"

Valari’s telegram bot is your "user interface".

The first time you meet our bot, you will need to provide an email. You will then receive your unique ID.

After registration, you can provide API keys and will receive your Credit deposit address (to pre-pay fees).

That’s it!

In a few minutes you will be notified that your server was created and Valari will now start trading with your Binance account.

1 2 3 4
1 Enter or edit your API keys (Generate API keys from your Binance account and insert them here)
2 Click to receive the deposit address to insert credit (Credit is the ETH you deposit into your Valari account to Pre-pay fees)
3 Stop the software from making new trades (once all open trades are closed you will only have ETH in your Binance account)
4 This will simply refresh your account summary

Security and account access

Security is priority
We take security very seriously, that’s why we don’t store anything on our website servers. Valari’s telegram bot handles user communication and securely stores all the data.

A few important details…

No fixed fees

We don’t charge our users with monthly fees, they are a percentage of the profit. You profit – we profit.


We do not hold your assets, you do! Simply provide us with permission to trade on your behalf via API keys. (withdraw disabled)

How are we better?



The user is required to create his own trading strategy. To ensure their income, our competitors charge a fixed fee, regardless of the user’s profit.

We determine the best trading strategy for our users. To ensure our profits, we ensure your profits.

Highest Paid Plan (99 $-month) on CryptoHopper – "Maximum of 1 trade per 2 min". For 49$ a month - "Maximum of 1 trade per 5 min".

We rent a dedicated server for each client and provide it with a standalone 1Gb/s internet connection, giving the possibility of executing several trades in under a second.

Conventional investing – "...For example, in the event of a severe bear market during the year, with stocks dropping on average 10 to 15%, a fund investor who realized a 3% profit for the year might consider that an excellent return" –

For the period 02 Jul 2018 – 02 Sep 2018 (2 months) The total crypto market cap went down by 25,52%, The ETH price went down by 54,22% Valari generated a 12,41% profit in ETH.

Advantages of Valari (Overview)

No fixed fees - calculated as a percentage of user’s profit - 50%
"Crash handling system" replacing the conventional "Stop Loss" (we never sell at a loss).
We do not hold your assets, your funds remain in your Binance account.
Fast and reliable data supply provided by (US based)
Easy to get started – no download / installation required. As little as 1 ETH to begin with. Free trial.
Secure user interface through our telegram bot , providing heavily encrypted communications

"Room to grow"

Concept building

Testing trading strategies
developing Valari’s framework

Beta testing
Release of stable version

We are here

AI enhancement
Development of Forex trading software

cross trading

Our team

Lyubomir Vladimirov Co-founder & CEO
Alexander Netsov Co-founder & CTO